If you’re in the following industries and have a need for consumer electronics, we’d love to work with you.

Volume buyers and sellers of consumer electronics? Welcome.

Replenishing or liquidating your consumer electronics inventory? Look no further.

For corporations wanting to reclaim the most value for their older devices or are ready to refresh their employee devices.

For schools wanting the most value for their older devices or are in the market for new devices.

Different industries have different needs.

We make sure to understand your requirements when it comes to your device needs. SCS Supply Chain has the capacity to serve you on the buying or selling of consumer electronics.

Our exclusive purchasing ability and global sales channels keep our inventory turnover at a healthy level. Because of this, our customers and suppliers enjoy a more streamlined process, competitive pricing, and an overall greater satisfaction. We focus on building relationships, because in a product driven industry, customer service and professionalism is what separates the best from the rest.

What can we do for you?

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  • Wholesalers, distributors, and traders add the volatility needed to make the secondary cell phone market a 30 billion dollar one. We can source specific products for our wholesale customers, we can provide diagnostics for traders who do not have the infrastructure, and we can assist distributors by placing their products into new markets. We can provide any supply chain solution to fit your needs.

  • When it comes to retail, we have our brick and mortar partners keep their inventory and more importantly, their cash flow, in check. We provide liquidation services to any overstock or returned products and inversely, can provide fulfillment for a wide-array of products to replenish your shelves. Our pricing model is competitive, but our white glove service is what our retail partners truly value.

  • Our focus is on midsize enterprises and their need for IT asset disposition. Our corporate clients have high expectations for the care of their assets at every stage of the device lifecycle. We can recover devices at the end-of-lease and remarket them, we can recycle any end-of-life devices, and we can repair any employee devices on an ad hoc basis. All of our services adhere to the latest standards of data security and environmental compliance.

  • School districts, colleges, and universities require device lifecycle support services that go beyond the simple buying and selling of their assets. We work closely with purchasing and IT managers to fully understand the scope of an RFP as well as staying within budget. We understand there could be red tape and we strive to keep the process as simplified as possible without adding any unnecessary complexities.

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