Reverse Logistics

Returns, overstock, and trade-ins are flooding the secondary market with unprocessed items. We have the capacity to inspect and refurbish tens of thousands of units monthly to reduce your asset risk.


We provide full triage reports with a multitude of inspection points across different product categories. Whether your items will receive a second chance at the market or are being prepped for end-of-life, you’ll have the data you need to make a sound decision.

Repair &

With a specialty in wireless device repairs, our technicians are skilled at extending the lifecycle of your revlog products. With access to OEM or OEM-spec parts, quality won’t be compromised, sustaining the reputation of your brand.

Value Added

From grading returned consumer goods to repolybagging or kitting, we have the resources to ensure the reinvestment in your products pays dividends. Have a more unique value-add in mind? Reach out to us and let’s strategize.


Extending the lifecycle of your products is not only good for your bottom-line but it’s also good for the environment. Our aftermarket sales team specializes in turning your products to cash and keeping them out of landfills.


Given the “customer-centric” motto of modern-day ecommerce, customers expect returning an item to be as easy as buying it in the first place. Don’t drown in your returns, and let us handle them for you.


We have the scope to properly assess and dispose of any end-of-life IT. Working with our R2 certified recycling and smelting vendors, we can properly dispose of any consumer electronics and provide a chain of custody to ensure proper disposition.

Brands we’ve worked with

Reverse Logistics for Consumer Electronics

With new 5G device rollouts, mobile devices with older 4G technology will soon flood the secondary market. Due to this reason alone, experts are predicting secondary market growth to outpace the primary. Carrier contract models coupled with new product introductions are making it easier than ever for consumers to trade-in devices.

While this is great for OEMs, carriers, and retailers on the front-end, it can create an operational nightmare on the back-end. Our reverse logistics services are designed to support individual or bulk returns, overstock, and insurance trade-ins.

Reverse Logistics for Consumer Goods

Although we specialize in electronics, our infrastructure is built to process a vast majority of consumer goods. From medical scrubs to lawn chairs and from kitchenware to shoes; we can intake whatever comes back up the chain. With the help of RF scanning and industrial grade networking equipment, our WMS sees virtually no latency when processing inbound or outbound shipments.

Speed is the main factor that separates a profitable reverse logistics strategy from an unprofitable one. When processing depreciating inventory, it’s a race against time to recapture as much value from your products as possible.

A simpler approach to reverse logistics complexities

Reach out to our reverse logistics team today and let us reclaim value from your investment.

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