We offer the following solutions for

your consumer electronic needs.

For bulk purchasing of new and used consumer electronics.

For processing and warehousing end-customer returns and retail overstock.

For recovering maximum value of IT or ensuring data destruction.

We mean business.

Our job is to provide value through consistent service. We do that with the vision of being a one-stop provider for all B2B consumer electronic needs.

Serving a global network of customers has made us versatile. With various customer profiles come different requests. Let us help you find the most effective and streamlined solution to allow you to sell more or save more. At the end of the day, all that matters is your bottom line.


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The depth of our processing coupled with the speed of our production capacity is what allows us to maximize margins for our customers and ourselves. Here is how we do it:

  • The repair of such intricate devices is no simple feat. Our technicians come equipped with the proper training, resources and materials to accomplish repairs even at the motherboard level. Our facility comes with state of the art, industrial equipment such as OCA laminators, LCD separators, laser markers, pulse pressing machines and more; which allows us to repair devices effectively and efficiently.

  • Most Android devices are manufactured with the ability to uninstall system firmware in order to install a newer, less restrictive build which may remove network restrictions or revive presumably DOA devices. This service optimizes value for remarketers.

  • From providing diagnostics and grading of returned consumer electronics, to relabeling and repolybagging devices for aftermarket sales; we offer solutions that fit your business model.

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